Monday, January 7, 2008

Oasis Bowl of Loganville

THIS POST IS FROM 2008. Please note that prices are subject to change (and probably have changed since this posting).

There is a 'new kid on the block' in Loganville GA for kids birthday parties.
I went to a child's birthday party there last week.
It's called Oasis Bowl.

Oasis Bowl's official address is 479 Brightwell Court, Loganville GA 30052, but they are located right off of US78. Coming from Snellville, drive toward Loganville, past Rosebud Road, and continue driving until you say to yourself, "Dang, are we there yet!?" Next thing you know, it'll be on your left.

I picked up a brochure about their birthday parties, and I am happy to share the information from it, but please be sure to verify with the Oasis Bowl that the information is still current. Their phone number is 770-554-6262 and their website is

They have two basic plans, one comes with pizza and one is without pizza.

The Spare Package is $11.99 per child with a minimum of 6 children. Parties last 1-1/2 hours on the lanes. You will get one hour of bowling for the group, use of bowling shoes, decorated party area for your lanes (this was 3 helium balloons tied with ribbons to each ball return station at the party I attended), Invitations, Soda (one pitcher of soda for every 6 children - we had Sprite and Pepsi), each child attending receives a coupon for a future visit. The birthday child receives a commemorative gift (dunno what that is); you also have a party host. I found the young ladies who work there to be very efficient and friendly. They'll even type all the kids names into the machines for you.

The other package deal at Oasis Bowling (the one with the pizza) is called the Strike Package. The cost for that is $14.99 per child, again there is a minimum of 6 children. The Strike Package includes everything in the Spare Package above, plus: a cheese pizza for every 6 children, and an Arcade Power Card for each child.

The pizza tasted a lot like Freschetta and the kids really seemed to like it.

You can add on some options like a private party room, extra bowling time, the bowling pin for autographing, additional food offerings, adult bowling lanes near the party, Discounted Arcade Power Cards, and pre packed goody bags.

Their hours are: 9 am to Midnight Sunday through Thursday ; 9 am to 2:30 am Fridays and Saturdays.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I found this. My son is turning 8 in May and this was his #1 party location request. Thanks, so much, for the information.

One question: was it worth it?

Darla said...

Aly, I wasn't the party hosting mom, I was just one of the party invitees, so I'm not sure, but the mom of the birthday boy seemed pretty happy about things, except she said she had gotten confused about the package deals and had purchased the deal without the pizzas, thinking it HAD the pizzas, so they ended up paying about $12 to add the pizzas (each)...
This was also a party for four to five year old children, and I think they are a little young for such a party, but for eight year old son like yours, I would think it would be perfect! Best of all, you have zero clean up. You just might want to bring some large bags so you can carry the presents home easier.

Tanya said...

Thanks! My boys turn 6 this Saturday and I was trying to figure out what to do with their party. Have to wait a couple of weeks due to SuperBowl and plans the following weekend. Anyways, I'm really thinking we'll do this party!

Darla said...

Tanya, thanks for your nice message! I have 14 year old twins, so I do have a feeling that the Oasis bowl would be a good idea for a twins' birthday party because it's a combined party, but yet they can each have their own cluster of friends on their lane. I am considering it strongly for my girls' birthday party in November.